Reciprocating saw: Which to choose

Reciprocating saw: Which to chooseHaving the right saw just on just what you need is very convenient. As a builder who uses saws to cut woods and turn it into a table or cabinet, choosing the perfect saw for you is vital. There are different types of saws and they all have different functions which differentiate them from one another, but let’s talk about reciprocating saw and which to choose for what best fits your need.

Reciprocating saw is said to be the ultimate demolition tool which uses different kinds of blades for different materials to cut. The standard blade of this saw is 6 inches, but there are also smaller and longer ones up to 12 inches length. This saw is popular in construction as well, there variety of best brands reciprocating saw nowadays, you can always choose from them, but also remember to choose the right blade for what you will cut, the best blade will also make your work easier and yes, more fun.

To choose the right reciprocating saw brands at ScrollKing, you must look for these features;

-switch on and off; of course, you wouldn’t want this tool to be out of control right? As a standard too, it should have switch just like all machines.

-Lock on button; after switching it on, you can now push lock on button at the speed you desired to lock it there

-Motor; this is the heart of this tool, it converts electricity into motion and thus, getting your reciprocating saw into action

-Power source; this is where the electricity is stored, though there reciprocating saws that has wire.

-transmission; the gearbox, this is the one responsible for the saw’s speed range.

Those above are just main features of a reciprocating saw; now if you are looking for brands to choose from, here’s the best 3 of them.

  1. DeWALT reciprocating saw; it has cordless unit so buyers can enjoy its flexibility and comfort use, the blade can be easily change anytime needed. The saw itself can give up to 3,000 strokes per minute with one and one-eight stroke length. Its battery can stand up to forty five minutes and it has anti-slip grip handle. It is lightweight which makes it best as a tool.

  2. Milwaukee; it has adjustable, and comfortable grip. It has 13amp and rotating handle of 360 degree. It can also stroke up to 3,000 per minute and has one and one-fourth stroke length. It also has a feature for easy blade replacement

  3. Ryobi; also can provide up to 3,000 stokes per minute, it has 18-volt battery and very lightweight.

So these are 3 of the best brands to choose reciprocating saw from, there are still many brands out there so you can still choose from variety of powerful and useful tool like this.