Pros and Cons of Electron Microscopes

Pros and Cons of Electron MicroscopesCons:

  • One of the cons with using electron microscopes is that such machine is made by a man therefore it is prone to a lot of error, which means that there are times that some specification of the machine is not really achieve. However only those minor ones, not the major specs, the minor ones are the ones like exterior coating or something like that, just minor stuff but there will also come a time that you will be able to receive a machine that has problems in its interior or hardware that is why it has warranty.

  • Another is that when you use such machine to view a specimen under a microscope is that you actually needed to be specially trained in order to have skills and knowledge in order how to prepare the specimen to be viewed under the lenses of the electron microscope. The reason why not just anyone can use such type of microscope is to avoid or prevent cases of sample manipulation. So most of the processes that you can do if you want to be specialized to handle or use such electron microscope are the cryofixation, sectioning, dehydration and many other things.

  • And also another disadvantage when you are using such machine is the price itself since it is very expensive. Now since the machine is very expensive, this is not the type of machine that the more expensive it becomes, the more convenient it is to manoeuvre, but in this case, it’s not. This is because aside from the fact that it is very expensive, then you need to have someone who is trained to use the machine is that you also need to have a stable and steady current for it that is why there is also someone who keeps monitoring the electricity that the machine is feed in order to work properly.


  • Now one of the most amazing benefits that electron microscopes have is that the resolution it gives to the user, it gives a higher resolution of the specimen being placed in under the microscope, which means that it gives a lot clearer images compared to the ones that do not. This means that if you will use this one, there will be lesser mistakes in analyzing the specimen. Also, despite its fall backs, it still remains the most expensive microscope and as high end machine one as well.

  • And then the great advantage about this machine is that when you use this one, you can actually have more than one specimen to view at once. This is actually because such machine has actually a large field depth that makes you view or see one or more specimen under the microscope. So despite its fallbacks, the great things about its features makes it as a high end type of microscope because it is already easier for you to interpret the specimen that were handed out to you compare to when you are using other types of microscope.